Peltier-type Thermo-con HEC

For applications requiring high-precision temperature controlHigh-precision, refrigerant-free temperature control equipment ?employing Peltier elementsSimple structure and high reliabilityCan easily be built into equipments with compact and

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Water-cooled Thermo-chiller HRW

Direct heat exchanger for water circulated within a plantFor temperature regulation within the temperature range ?where no freezer is neededProven performance with semiconductor process equipment,

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Refrigerated Thermo-chiller HRSH

Outstanding energy saving effect with triple inverter !Outdoor installation, Splashproof type (IPX4)Maximum ambient temperature 45?Temperature stability ±0.1? (with stabilized load)Compact and space-savingSpace-saving and lightweight 280

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Thermo-chiller HRSE

Large energy saving by triple control!Power consumption: 33% Energy savingCompact/Lightweight 32 kg (100 VAC)Maintenance free: Magnet pumpLow-noise design: 55dB (A) Faça o download da Ficha

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Thermo-chiller HRSH090

Power consumption reduced by 53%Outstanding energy saving effect with the ?triple inverter!Cooling capacity : 9.5 kWTemperature stability : ±0.1?Set temperature range : 5? to 40?

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Refrigerated Thermo-cooler HRG

Air-cooled models provide cooling water wherever needed ?thanks to easy mounting and easy operation.Proven performance with a wide range of applications such ?as lasers/analysis equipment/LCD

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